15th December 2019 Christmas Show - to be held at Solihull Riding Club

2019 Awards Presentation Night - Heart of England Social Club 

Berkswell Rd, Meriden, Coventry CV7 7LB

Saturday 7th March 2020 Doors open at 6.30pm presentation will start  promptly at 7:30pm

presentation night tickets will be available online - payment via paypal

contact info@chrc.co.uk

All Trophies to be returned by 10th February 2020 in a good, clean state of repair in readiness to award to 2019 winners

2019 Saturday Dates Disciplines VHS/WH/Dressage incl 15+ Horse and Pony

6th July

3rd August (last Saturday show to gain STARS points)

12th October

2019 Sunday Dates Disciplines Showing/SJ/Fun/Handy Pony

16th June - Show Cancelled - Due to adverse weather conditions

21st July

18th August (last Sunday show to gain STARS points)

15th September

6th October

20th October

Saturday Dates 2020 Disciplines VHS/WH/Dressage incl 15+ Horse and Pony

2nd May 

6th June

4th July

1st August (last Saturday show to gain STARS points)

10th October

Sunday Dates 2020 Disciplines Showing/SJ/Fun/Handy Pony

5th April 

19th April 

17th May

21st June

19th July

16th August (last Sunday show to gain STARS points)

20th September

4th October

18th October